Memory Palace

AS Computer Science
November 3, 2020
Computer Science – Intermediate
February 2, 2021

Memory Palace

What is the memory palace technique?

So … you want to know how to remember things.
Excellent. You’re in the right place.
Here’s a simple fact about improving your memory:
People with excellent memories and memory championship winners are not too different from you. They just use a combination of techniques to enable their minds to memorize things.
You might find it hard to remember names, facts, equations, lists, tasks you need to take care of, a new language and so on.
But if you follow the right techniques, you can remember almost anything you want. The techniques you’ll discover in this lesson will work for you, no matter how bad you think your memory is.
In this lesson, you see a technique that will help you understand:
  • How to remember things you read
  • How to remember names
  • How to remember lists and things you need to do
  • How to memorize things faster
  • How to remember something you forgot
… and so on.
There are dozens of techniques and memory tricks, but they can be classified into three approaches. We will only look at the first one as it is the most effective one:
    – Mnemonics for Memory Improvement
The Memory Palace is the most powerful mnemonic device ever formulated.
If you are a fan of ‘Sherlock’ – the BBC series, you have seen Sherlock Holmes use his ‘mind palace’ to remember practically everything. This memorization method isn’t just used by fictional detectives. Memory champions swear by the memory palace.
The mnemonic device, also referred to as the ‘Method of Loci’ or ‘Cicero Method’ was developed in Ancient Greece.
How does it work?
The fundamental concept of the Memory Palace Technique is to associate pieces of information that you wish to remember with parts of a location that you are very familiar with. This location can be your home.
This memorization method begins by visualizing yourself walking through your home and remembering every single detail that you can. It’s also a great mental exercise.
However, you necessarily do not need to visualize, and can physically walk through your home too. In fact, the idea of the memory palace is to make use of all your senses – auditory, kinesthetic (touch) and so on.
Associate each item that you wish to remember with a specific object or space in your home. For example, if you are trying to remember a new language, you might want to store all the words related to weather in your wardrobe.
Associating items within your mind with a real physical space helps your brain ‘file’ important things to remember more easily.
Memory Palaces can be used to remember names, faces, languages, lists, academic material and pretty much anything under the sun.

Watch the following short video


Do you understand the method?
Draw your own picture of your room or house and think about what items you will find where in the different rooms of your house. Drae these rooms and items and “see” them in your mind.
Keep your drawing as we see in a day or 2 if you can remember the items that you have drawn.
The next lessons will be to assist you to learn more about learning and how to train your brain to remember more things much better over long periods. We call it MEMORY RETENTION.