• Technology

    With the rapid growth of technology, it has become essential to have a keen understanding of technological knowledge or expertise. Most careers make use of it and we are only becoming more dependent on technology in the workplace. While most students know of technology, most of their knowledge is merely superficial. As such, exposing them to deeper technological knowledge at a young age will empower them, giving your children an edge in the ever-changing world.

  • Future Centered

    Our children are the future. We need to educate and prepare them to deal with and solve problems that we ourselves are not even aware of. As such, they must master the skills to critically analyse, think about and evaluate problems, along with coming up with creative solutions. The sooner they are encouraged and coached in this, the easier it will be for them to implement practically in their adult lives!

  • Learn to Learn

    If students do not learn how to learn, they can become discouraged in their studies, which might lead to them resenting learning entirely. Equipping students with the ability to study effectively will allow them to succeed and broadens their horizons for any future endeavours they might pursue.

  • Other Performance Indicators

    While grades can be an indicator of performance, they are not the only way to gauge success. Every student is unique and comparing their performance to their peers is unjust. Individuals all have specific interests and skills; highlighting these will cause them to excel in their strengths and will cultivate a feeling of success.

  • Skill Set

    There are skills that a student must learn despite them sometimes not enjoying it. These skills can include emotional intelligence, planning- and implementation skills, amongst others. While not always enjoyable, we believe that these skills are essential for the development of the next generation.

  • Values

    Students must learn to be Intrapersonal Intelligent. This allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses, along with finding ways to improve and combat any dangers, such as procrastination.

  • Character

    Values like loyalty, good work ethics and being respectful and kind might not be directly associated with education, but it is important for the development of their personal- and professional lives. Our education is focused on developing the whole person for success.